Ecosystems Technologies Limited is an innovative PropTech company, led by experienced sector professionals and dedicated to digital transformation in the construction industry, applied innovation in timber technology and the democratisation of sustainable, healthy building solutions.


Interior view of a prototype unit recently completed in collaboration with CSIC. The unit is comprised of the UK's first homegrown mass timber elements.

Our Vision.

Our key thematic areas within the built environment are Accessibility and Inclusivity, Digital Innovation and Sustainable design and manufacturing.


Our Process.

We believe that biogenic based off-site manufacturing (BIO-OSM)  represents a  high quality, flexible approach to meeting current and future sustainability targets.  From forest floor to factory floor, we work closely with our partners across the supply chain to produce high performance, economically  viable homegrown mass timber products to serve our clients.  These products can then be combined in various arrangements to best suit your project requirements  and we are constantly innovating to develop a suite of engineered solutions.

CLT : Cross Laminated Timber     GLT: Glue laminated Timber.   NLT: Nail Laminated Timber    GLTP  Glue Laminated Portal Truss

Bio-OSM graphic.png

Accessible Digital Design

Advances in AR + VR technology allow us to collaborate with our design partners and clients in an intuitive and  inclusive environment.

For example during  site visits we can use AR technology to visualise  designs at 1:1 scale, on site via smart phone.  This provides greater accessibility  to design information regardless of technical experience and allows multiple sittings and orientations to be evaluated  efficiently  for enhanced decision making.

Sustainable, Modular Design

We are uncompromising in our use of sustainable materials and circular economy principles. We use flexible, modular timber based methods to achieve healthy spaces that suit the evolving needs of their occupants.

We can provide tailored design and manufacturing packages to suit your needs. From structural elements, structure and insulated shell  or full fit out solutions,  our expertise in modularity and circularity  see us well placed to ensure that our products integrate into your projects efficiently and  provide maximum flexibility over time to adapt to changing needs.

Design for Manufacture and Re-Use

We utilise off-site construction to ensure  the responsible use of natural materials. All our solutions are optimised to reduce waste, maximise recycling and re-use potential and to simplify the assembly process in order to work in balance with our planet's ecosystem.

Through our design process, all our solutions are optimised for assembly, either as volumetric solutions which  can be lifted into final position and simply joined or as a panelised approach. We develop robust, concise and clear sets of assembly procedures to ensure the construction process is as efficient as possible.

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Wood Art.png

Timber Innovation


Advanced manufacturing solutions and digital integration are at the heart of ECOSystems approach to construction. Ecosystems is pioneering the commercialisation of home grown mass timber projects through technical innovation and commercial acceleration. Key to our success is our on-going collaboration with partners Construction Scotland Innovation Centre; Edinburgh Napier University; The University of Edinburgh; RGU and Heriot Watt.

Transforming Timber

Ecosystems are working in collaboration with CSIC, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh University, SNRG and BSW. Leveraging £1.2M of SBRI funding through Innovate UK this project will validate homegrown mass timber construction products from a mechanical, engineering, productivity and cost perspective for the UK market. In addition, we are creating a digital twin to capture all available information, to test project suitability with the supply chain and consider design for manufacture and assembly and disassembly requirements in line with a Circular Economy approach. The demonstrator will be one of many projects which will be showcased at COP 26.

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Click here to find out more about the transforming timber project and here learn more about SNRG.

Near Home

The Near Home project is a collaboration with Scottish Government, Transport Scotland, South Lanarkshire Council and CSIC which has allowed Ecosystems to develop a number of new mass timber products which can be used both in the Near Home context but also as a kit of parts to facilitate the development of self build and building in rural and island communities to address the unique challenges they face in terms of labour, transport and associated costs.

Coming Soon...

The SNRG and Nearhome project are only two of a number of projects currently being developed by Ecosystems Technologies. We are currently demonstrating these projects and others at COP26. Following the conference more photography, project and technical information will be provided on this site and on our social media channels.

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